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Bradberry Loofah


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Give your skin an extra glow while preserving your bars of soap longer. Loofah is used as a natural exfoliant to scrub away dead skin while exposing healthier, smoother layers of skin. But this circular beauty doubles as a soap saver. Just place your bar of soap on top of the loofah for a safe place to store your soap, let it dry out, and extend its shelf life.

I personally cut each slice of loofah and remove the seeds before hand knotting the ribbon attachment. The color and material for the ribbon varies. Feel free to remove it before use or keep attached to hang in your shower. 

Loofah (Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa acutangulais a member of the cucmber family. While in many parts of the world loofah is eaten for it many health benefits, most people are use to seeing the dried form. 

Note: As a natural, hand cut product shape and size might vary. 

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